Benefits of Adding Outdoor Motion Lights

outdoor motionHave you checked your outside lights lately?

Maintaining your exterior lighting is an important part of making your home beautiful, as well as for your personal safety and the security of your home. Some home owners have a simple on and off switch on their outdoor lighting. Others invest in timed lights that turn on automatically at a specific time each night, stay on for a certain period, and then shut off. But there’s a third method to think about: Outdoor motion lights.

Motion sensors turn lights on automatically when motion is detected within their range, shutting off shortly after motion stops. Although lighting timers have their purpose, motion lights provide additional benefits.

Benefits of Motion Lights

Reduce Energy Consumption

It is not necessarily a bad thing to have timed lighting or switch-based lighting, mainly because it allows you to have lighting when you need it most. Motion lighting is just as reliable, but consumes less energy since lights don’t stay on when they aren’t needed. You could be spending less on light bulbs too since they will not be on as often, burning up their life.

Crime Deterrent

Motion detection lighting can deter criminals. When a paranoid criminal approaches your home will ill intent, seeing a porch light suddenly come on will make them think twice about breaking into your home.

Lights On When You Need Them

When you are active nearby, your lights will come on, and stay on until you leave. No need to go inside and turn an outdoor light on or wait for a certain time until a timer activates. Motion lights will always be there to operate with no additional thought or effort, drawing very little power when the lights are off. If power is connected and on, the motion sensor will do the rest.

Personal Safety

Don’t fumble around in the dark, trying to walk up the porch steps, searching for the house key, risking a fall. When your sensors see you coming they light the way to get you safely to your door.

Remember to check your exterior lighting often to make sure everything is working properly. Check bulbs, make sure fixtures are withstanding the weather, and test your switching method to make sure your lights have power and work properly. Your outdoor lights are every bit as important as your indoor lights.

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