Your home is your private oasis where you spend time with family and friends. Good outdoor lighting is an elemental piece of the yard’s landscaping because it sets the tone for the home’s environment. Whether contemporary or modern, Hinkley outdoor lighting gives your home the look of comfort and beauty […]

Hinkley Outdoor Lighting

hunter original

Get the Air Circulation Going With The Hunter Original Fan

Through the past weeks on this blogs, we’ve shown you a variety of alternatives when it comes to ceiling fans. From sleek modern to elegant classical fixtures, these fans are great examples of finding a beautiful lighting (and air-flow fixture) to make the centerpiece of your living room, dining room […]

concept ceiling fan

Tired of Ordinary Ceiling Fans? Try One with a Little Personality!

The formal definition of concept fan is a drawing of a circle in which a problem is depicted, with lines drawn out from the circle. On the lines are written possible solutions to the problem. The idea was devised as a way to “step back” from the problem in order […]

Big Wall Clocks Make a Big Design Impact

Decorating your home is like putting a little piece of your heart on display. When someone walks into your home, they should get a sense of who you are, and what you’re passionate about. Your home design can speak of joy or love, peace, or simplicity. It’s fun to have […]

big wall clocks

hinkley chandelier

Shop Hinkley Chandeliers For A Bold Statement In Every Price Range

When you are remodeling your existing home or designing a new home, you have so many opportunities to express yourself through your design choices. If you have a passion for beauty and excitement you will find ways to incorporate these elements into your fixtures.  Perhaps the most exciting and dramatic […]