Vintage Lighting For Every Style

Vintage Lighting

When you have an eye for design and a very specific sense of style, it can be hard to shop for new items for your home. Most of your friends may be able to pick out their lighting fixtures from the big box store in town, but when you go there nothing seems to catch your eye.

You don’t have to compromise your taste. You just have to know where to shop. Incredible vintage lighting not only exists, there is plenty of variety and at prices that are much more affordable than you would expect.

Affordable Vintage Lighting Recommendations

If you want your living room to feel like you have just stepped into the novel The Great Gatsby, you will absolutely love the Providence Traditional Wall Sconce in Antique Gold Leaf; it has matching flush mount lights as well.

If you’re looking for something with a little more of a steam-punk feel, show off edison style lightbulbs with Jeremiah lighting’s Thornton fixture. Or, really wow your guests with the beautiful Menlow Park Multi Light Mini Pendant.

If you’d like your home to have more of a rustic, country feel, consider the Farmstead Traditional Outdoor Hanging light, a charming lantern style light with a vintage feel. If you love the idea of a lantern, but prefer a fancier style, the Wilshire version may be more your speed.

You really can’t go wrong with vintage inspired lighting. Just because lighting is practical doesn’t mean it can’t steal the show, too! For more information on vintage lighting and other lighting and design products, please contact us.

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